The Catholic University of America

Undergraduate Programs - Suggested Sequence of Courses

Art History

Freshman Year: ART 211, 212
Sophomore Year: ART 332; at least one course in each: Ancient/ Medieval (ART 317 or 318); Renaissance/ Baroque (ART 319 or 320); Modern/Contemporary (ART 323, 324, 326, 331, 376, 420)
Junior Year: ART 361; and three additional electives in art history
Senior Year: ART 451A; two art history electives*; and one studio course in drawing or painting (ART 201, 202, 303, 304).

*For those completing the Senior Art History Honors Thesis, ART 481 will replace one of their art history electives.

Art History Major Checklist (suggested order of courses)



Studio Art

Freshman Year: ART 101, 102
Sophomore Year: ART 207 (formerly 201), 208 (formerly 202), 211, 212
Junior Year: ART 314 and 332; students must have three semester courses in one of the following three areas: painting, sculpture or digital arts, and one course in one of the remaining two areas
Senior Year: ART 451 and one studio art elective

Studio Art Major Checklist (suggested order of courses)