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  • Jonathan Monaghan
    Assistant Professor, Digital Art, 3D printing and Graphic Design
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Adjunct Faculty

Jeffrey Andrews
Lecturer, Ceramic Art                        Contact Email 

Robert Barnard
Lecturer, Ceramic Art                       
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Matthew Barrick
Lecturer, Photography, and Digital Photography
                                      Contact Email

Peter Dueker                                 Lecturer, Photography                      Contact Email 

Steve Jones                                  Lecturer, Metal Sculpture, Sculpture, Digital Sculpture, and Design            Contact Email

Stephanie Kay
Lecturer, Studio Art
Senior Studio Art Project Coordinator
Karyn Miller                                  
Lecturer, Contemporary Art              
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Kevin Mitchell
Lecturer, Drawing & Composition      Contact Email 

Manuel Navarrete
Lecturer, Digital Art                           Contact Email

Nina O'Neil
Lecturer, Museum Studies
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Beverly Ress
Lecturer, Watercolor Painting, Sculpture, Design, and Metal Sculpture  
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Kim Sels                                             Lecturer, American Art History           Contact Email
Lara Yeager-Crasselt
Lecturer, Art History
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Faculty Emeriti

Tom Nakashima
Professor Emeriti

John R. Winslow
Professor Emeriti



Former Faculty

Jay H. Carpenter
Lecturer, Ceramic Art

Orgu Dalgic                                       Lecturer, Art History                          

Adam Davies
Lecturer, Photography

Mary Frank
Faculty Coordinator
Jessica Fripp
Lecturer, Renaissance Art

Robert Glass                                    Lecturer, Art History                          

Kurt Godwin
Lecturer, Art in Museums, Design, and Painting

Jenna Isaacson Pfueller              Lecturer, Digital Photography            

Katharina Kaliardos
Lecturer, Art History                            

Kathleen Kretz
Lecturer, Drawing, Painting               

Lisa Lipinski
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Art History 

Asma Naeem
Lecturer, Modern Art
Erik Sandberg
Lecturer, Figure Drawing and Painting


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Allison Lipari Asst. to Chair