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A Postmodern Meditation on the Five Proofs of God

An installation by Mark Cameron Boyd that addresses the quinque viae of Thomas Aquinas and the relationship of language to ways of "knowing."  In Summa Theologica, Aquinas introduced "Five Ways" the existence of God could be proved.  Twentieth-century scholars have refuted these "Proofs" with various arguments about Aquinas's concepts. Cameron Boyd uses both English translations of sections of Aquinas' text of his "Five Proofs," as well as text by his detractors, to introduce the idea of God's existence in the perfect site-specific location of Salve Regina Hall.
November 11-December 17, 2010
Opening Reception & Panel Discussion, November 11, 6-8 pm
Salve Regina Gallery, Department of Art
Panel discussion with Dr. Lisa Lipinski, curator, Mark Cameron Boyd, artist, and Patrick Beldio, MFA and PhD candidate, Religion and Culture
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Quinque viae: Proof 2; blackboard paint, dry erase marker, pastel, pencil, permanent marker; H24"xW48" (diptych); 2010.
Quinque viae: Proof 4; acrylic, blackboard paint, pencil; H24"xW48"; 2010.
Quinque viae: Proof 5; acrylic on plastic sheets; H30"xW30"; 2010.
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