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Faculty Spotlight - KATHRYN PASTERNAK

KATHRYN PASTERNAK learned the art of filmmaking for television at National Geographic while on staff there for some 15 years. Among many other honors, Pasternak has received two National Emmy Awards and two other Emmy nominations. While working at NGT, her special focus was wildlife filmmaking, a highly popular, evergreen genre of television that requires both specialized production skills and a keen knowledge of the biological sciences and production ethics. Leaving Nat Geo in 2007 to pursue her own productions, Pasternak still executive produces, writes and produces programs for major broadcasters including National Geographic, Animal Planet, WNET/Nature, and Smithsonian Networks. In 2010, Pasternak launched her own production company, Pasternak Media LLC, which focuses on development and production of wildlife and conservation projects for various forms of distribution. She is currently in post-production of her first feature documentary, DOEVILLE, which is the story of the last deer farmer in Virginia. Pasternak also operates “Sage Media” which is a subsidiary that produces videos for uses other than television. Prior to working at National Geographic, Pasternak was a freelance filmmaker in NYC and Los Angeles, working in facets of the film business as diverse as Hollywood talent agencies, independent documentaries, low budget features and television commercials. Pasternak graduated from Harvard University in 1985 with a degree in Fine Arts.

Pasternak Media
Doe Ville the Movie