The Catholic University of America

Career Options for ART Majors

Graphic Art, Computer Graphics, Illustration
Books/magazines/newspapers/ trade publications, Advertising agencies, Design firms, Product design divisions or large companies, Stores, TV/cable/ motion picture industry, Internet media companies, Freelance
Develop a strong portfolio. Gain computer/technical skills. Secure an internship in a related area. Consider supplementing curriculum with coursework in advertising or business.
Art Consultant
Business corporations, Hotels, Private collectors, Museums, Galleries
Undergraduate degree in art history, suggested MA in art history.
Art Journalism, Art Critic
Newspapers, Magazines, Art-world internet sites
Dual degree or major/minor in art history or studio art and media studies. 
Art Law
Legal representation for museums, galleries, or individual artists, as well as government agencies.
Law degree required. Gain experience by volunteering for organizations such as Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.
Art Libraries, Visual Resource Archives
Libraries, Museums, Galleries, Art Organizations
Usually requires MA in art history and Masters in Library Science. Suggested proficiency in French, German, or other appropriate language.
Art Museums, Galleries, Museums (Government or Private), Local Historical Societies, Galleries
Art museums and galleries with departments in Education, Administration, Curatorial, Conservation, Registrar, Collections Management, Sales, Publications, Development, Public Relations, Exhibit Design/Preparation, Archivist, Tour Guides/Docent
Intern or volunteer in an art museum. Develop strength in art history areas. Acquire skills in research, marketing, communications, education, management.  Undergraduate degree in art history recommended; earn an advanced degree for advancement or entry level (depending on position).
Art Organizations, Non-Profits
Organizations which promote development of the arts 
Gain experience by volunteering and participating in the desired field of organizations.
Art Sales
Galleries, Museums, Auction houses, Specialty stores
Gain sales experience. Establish contacts by attending shows/openings. Volunteer in museums, membership drives, and community outreach programs. Serve as a student assistant in a gallery.
Art Therapy
Hospitals, Nursing homes, Mental health facilities, Rehabilitation centers, Nonprofit organizations
Earn an advanced degree/certification in art therapy. Supplement curriculum with coursework in psychology; gain experience volunteering..
Conservation, Preservation
Art museums, University research centers
Undergraduate degree in art history, with chemistry classes and studio portfolio required for admission to MA or PhD program in conservation.
Art museums, Art galleries, Corporate companies
Undergraduate degree in art history or studio art. Strong foreign language skills in German, French, or another relevant language. PhD in art history normally expected, depending on the institution. Gain experience by interning with museum or gallery.
Education Studio Art, Fine Arts, Art History
Art schools, K-12 schools, Colleges/universities, Adult/Community Programs, Libraries, Museums, Alternative schools, Group homes
Obtain certification for public school teaching (graduate degree usually required for post?secondary teaching). Recommend majoring or minoring in education. Gain experience working with target population (children or adults).
Fashion, Textile, Interior Design
Pattern companies, Apparel manufacturers/textile mills, Interior design firms, Commercial/residential design firms, Freelance
Develop a strong portfolio. Complete an internship in a related area. Create and fit costumes for stage productions. Research requirements for entry into different career areas, as some may require specialized training.
Government Agencies
National Endowment for the Arts, Historic Landmark sites and trusts, State Arts Councils and Offices of Cultural Affairs
Degree in art history or studio art. Must be proficient in writing and communication.
Museums and historical societies, Media organizations, Photo agencies/ studios/auction houses, Libraries, Freelance, Large corporations, Hospitals
Prepare a strong portfolio (b&w, color). Obtain a staff photographer position with the yearbook, campus newspaper, or magazine. Act as a/v assistant or projectionist. Apprentice with a freelance photographer.